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Sit Happens offers dog walking services for all of Petaluma, West and Eastside. Our services are single dog walks only, we take all breeds and specialize in dogs that may be a bit more difficult for an average dog walker. Please like us on face book to see photos of your dog in action as well as articles on all things dog.     Looking for a pack walk?  Ask for a referral to a local company that does pack walks, we would be glad to help!

PRICING:  1 hour walk:  25 dollars

                    30 minute walk:  20 dollars

WALK AND TRAIN:  Is your dog pulling you on leash, does your dog bark and lunge at everything and everyone on a walk?  If so, please consider the Walk and Train option. Where Trish will take an hour walk to train your dog to walk nicely on leash, or counter condition your dog for leash reactivity. Trish will email homework as well as videos to update you on your dogs progress.  After 3 sessions, a free 30 minute followup to your house is included.  

PRICING:  1 hour walk and train: $40