Dogs with bite history are not accepted at the Academy or at Postmore 


 We offer 60 minute training session complete with homework and videos of your dog at work. However, to keep costs down their is no transfer of skills session. This costs only 30 dollars for an hour! This can be a walk, a socialization play session to work on better manners, recall, leave it, you let Postmore know and we can do it. 

60 minutes:  30 dollars 

Board and Train

Let your Pooch enjoy his vacation while you enjoy yours, worry free.

Private Training: Does your dog need some special attention when it comes to naughty behaviors?  Let us help with any problem areas.

60 minutes: $50 dollars

Walk and Train: Is your dog naughty on leash?Let us help with a training walk through our neighborhood or downtown area of Novato.

60 minutes: $50 dollars


A 30 minute transfer of skills session is included in every  private and walk/train sessions. Void after 30 days.

Free 30 minute parent/trainer conference at the end of 4 lessons to assess student abilities 


Canine Charter Academy

One of a kind dog school in Marin County.

Let your dog have it all!

Socialization: Group dog play allowing your student to learn good manners and habits with other canine off leash

Walk and Train: We will fine tune the students walk on our local streets of Novato with a 30 minute leashed training session

Private Training: Students will also receive a 45 minute private session to work on any problem behaviors or to reinforce new behaviors.

Report cards:We provide end of the day reports on what your student has accomplished and what still needs work,  You might even get homework!

Videos: you will receive cell phone videos throughout the day, of what your dog is learning, step by step ways to do it, as well as the things that did not work, so you know not to repeat that mistake!  

 School closed on Wednesdays and all holidays.  We recommend only attend school once a week, so that you have time to work on all behaviors before the next session. 

TUITION: 40 dollars a day. Daycare not included   Must have 4 academy classes before a home visit.  Home visits occur only in the nearby Novato area, other wise student will meet at Postmore.

The Academy focuses on one student for the day, between the hours of the 8:30 and 1 pm.  The above is combined in short and long sessions so that your dog receives the most out of their day. 

 Student drop off: between 8:30 and 9:30am

In case of inclement weather, Sit Happens reserved the right to cancel school for the day.