The main thing I hear from clients is that they don't have time to train. They have the idea in their head that training has to be hard core HEELS and SIT/STAYS. While those are good, the training for that is a lot of repetitions in a somewhat controlled environment that isn't always available. As a mom I understand that most families want a dog that is just well rounded, doesn't pull on leash, listens,  doesn't eat the kids toys and can basically just be a great family member.  In my program WHAT CANYOU DO?  I find out what your life is like, busy with kids? job? family?  Well we look at what you can do in your busy schedule. Then we make that work to get your dog in a training program.

Do you have kids?  I make a program tailored to help your kids be involved in the training. I try not to speak too much to dogs in the way of commands. Animals don't talk to each other, and yet they understand exactly what the other is saying. I use body language and we get your pooch in a place where they are able to think and follow you. 

If you would like a tougher approach to training I would suggest another trainer.  My training is fun and family oriented.

If your dog is reactive on leash please see the WALK and TRAIN option where we use more counter conditioning for your dog.

PRICING:  $60.00 for an hour